Hines-Cummings Awareness Initiative

The Hines-Cummings Awareness Initiative is one that is close to our hearts.  We named the initiative after 2 of our Founders who are Breast Cancer Survivors. Through this initiative we want to bring awareness to the illness and life as a Survivor.  Our goal is to provide support and resources through-out the year and not just annually in the month of October. Breast cancer is an ongoing illness and it doesn't strike in just October. 

Our goal is to sponsor 10 ladies per year for a mammogram. 

We also would like for you to join us for Pink Lips For The Cause Day.  We dedicate October 25, as the day for wearing pink lips. Choose one of our 3 shades - Enticing, Persevering Pink and Warrior. Wear your pink lipstick and post a picture to social media using the following hashtags. #pinklips #pinkforsurvivors #survivingcancer

Be sure to invite your friends to help us bring awareness.

If you would like to sponsor a mammogram you can do so by making a donation of $150. 


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